From deep breathing
to comfort and beauty

Summoning the essence of
beauty through power
hidden in aroma
is the wisdom of Kampo.

The key is the refreshing aroma
from natural plants
and herbs and natural essential oils.
Used for beauty from ancient days,
the essence of nature
is gentle on the skin
and spreads to enrich
the body and mind,
working towards health.

Rest up, be refreshed.
Fill your heart with aroma,
let your expression glow everyday.



The foundation of Kagae Kampo Boutique lies in one of Kampo's philosophy “Ikodogen” or “Same origin for medicine and aroma”. The approach is health and beauty from within. “Balance of mind and body”, “Feeling calm and relaxed” are some of the effects from aroma that you can build into your lifestyle.
Such pleasant aroma gives us a break of happiness in our everyday stressful life.