Kampo restores
the equilibrium
of the mind and the body
Holistic care
from the ancient East

Kampo considers harmony with nature
and always consider the mind
and the body as one.
Kampo is a repository of wisdom
for healthy living
and restores the equilibrium
of the mind and body
that is exhausted or stressed out.



The power of Kampo for these types of concerns

Kampo takes a multi-dimensional
approach to address symptoms
as well as take early action
at the pre-symptomatic stage.
With individualized Kampo formulae
and the essence of nature,
it aims to restore
one's original healthy state.

−Pre-symptomatic Stage−

At the pre-symptomatic stage,
one may feel unwell generally,
but cannot quite put a name
to any illness.


Kagae and Kampo Beauty

It is often said that
“The skin is a mirror
of the body's internal condition”.
To support a beautiful and healthy skin,
the care regime starts
from the inner body,
then lifestyle and finally to cosmetics.



For anyone who is interested
in Kampo medicine or
improving the body condition or beauty,
there is free individual
counselling at the shop.

Examples of counselling topics
raised by our clients:

  • improving
    the body
  • preventing
  • worrying
  • preventing
    of symptoms
    and illnesses
  • desiring
    better health
    and beauty

Steps in Kampo Counselling

  • Individualized Counselling

    For each individual client,
    we ask carefully about symptoms,
    history and current condition and
    any concerns before advising
    on the strategic way forward.

  • Selecting Kampo formula
    according to each
    individual's condition

    Based on precise counselling and
    from a wide range of Kampo medicine,
    we select a Kampo formula that
    will suit the individual client's condition.

  • Advice on decoction
    and consumption of
    Kampo medicine

    As some clients may not be
    familiar with Kampo medicine,
    we explain carefully the way to prepare and
    consume the Kampo formula.
    The advice will be based on the clients' lifestyle.

  • Complete aftercare

    After prescribing the Kampo formula,
    the counsellor in charge
    will follow-up with the client,
    through telephone and email,
    on the client's condition
    after taking the Kampo formula.
    Feel free to contact us
    regarding any changes
    to your condition and any concerns
    that you may have at any time.


Basic Kampo knowledge

In the first place, what is Kampo?
Kampo is a natural herbal treatment to balance out the body's condition and constitution.

Kampo balances out the body's condition and constitution, and on top of treating symptoms and illnesses, it identifies the root cause of the problems. Often called “raw herbs”, they have their origins in plants, minerals or animals.


Decoction is raw herbs that are brewed thoroughly and consumed fresh.
Medicine that is freshly brewed is aromatic, tasty and effective.
Provided as tea-bags, brewing is very easy.

Powder medicine

Powder medicine is decoction that is processed and its essence extracted into powder form.
It is easy to carry around and is very convenient for busy people or during travels.
The medicine is packed as single doses.

What type of symptoms is Kampo suitable for?
Gynecological illnesses, stress, chronic tiredness and other modern illnesses

When the body's condition is out-of-balance, various chronic symptoms will appear. For example, investigation of stress-related symptoms, general malaise (stiff shoulders, headaches, dizziness and so on), and chronic tiredness may not reveal the causes. At the same time, delicate gynecological concerns will require a gentle approach that addresses both mental and physical aspects.

How long does it take for the medicine to be effective?
It depends on each individual.

Depending on the individual's concern and constitution and various other conditions, the efficacy of Kampo varies. For acute illnesses like cold or stomachache, the effects can be felt about 30 minutes after consumption. However, for chronic illnesses, there are people who feel the effects after 1-2 weeks while others may feel the effects after half a year or one year. It is important to continue taking the medicine to improve the body condition and constitution and prevent illnesses.

Are there any side-effects?
It is important to take Kampo that has been forumulated for one's constitution.

Generally, if the Kampo medicine is selected according to the body constitution, there is minimal side-effects. Just like any medical product, it is important to read the information on how to use and follow the recommended dosage. If there is any discomfort after taking the medicine, do not make your own judgements but consult a specialist as soon as possible.