What kinds of conditions and symptoms does Kampo treat?

Everyday ailments: everything from stress-related fatigue to menopause to insomnia.

How long before I see the effects of Kampo treatment?

For minor conditions, such as a cough or headache, you may see effects immediately after starting treatment.
For chronic conditions, the timing varies. Every individual is different, and treatment depends on the constitution of the individual and the tenacity of the illness. That said, effects will gradually appear anywhere from 1-2 weeks after first treatment, and sometimes longer depending on circumstance.

What are the side effects of Kampo treatment?

Kampo medicine generally has very few side effects. However, during your consultation, your consultant will inform you of any potential side effects and how to manage them.

What are the materials used in Kampo medicine?

Kampo medicines generally consist of plants, minerals, and animal materials found in the natural world.