Beauty and Clarity with Kampo

We provide total beauty and aging care using a combination of both kampo and aromatherapy, simultaneously treating the inside and outside of the body. Our Natural Kampo Beauty Brand supports the healthy appearance that radiates from a healthy body.

gKampoh is the unique Japanese adaptation of ancient Chinese medicine and medical practice. The human bodyfs natural healing abilities and immune system can be weakened by stress and unhealthy lifestyle habits, leading to an increased susceptibility for illness. These are early warning signs for ill health. Using kampo on a daily basis is necessary to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Five Elements Theory

In Five Elements Theory, changes and relationships in nature are understood by classifying them into five elements: g؁h(moku) - Wood, g΁h (ka) - Fire, gyh (do) - Earth, gh (kon) - Metal, and gh (sui) - Water. The lines below illustrate the corresponding relationships between the different elements.